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I was digging through my computer and I found this. It was originally a piece I wrote during my freshman year for an Intro to Theatre class (the assignment had something to do with dialogue and script-writing) but I played around with it and edited it some more. I'm still working on the final chapter of Shattered Glass, but no idea when I'll actually finish it because I'm the worst.

A Willow In The Woods: Prologue

First novel excerpt I've posted! This is the prologue to one of my longer projects, called A Willow In The Woods. It's got supernatural themes, banshees and Celtic mythology. Let me know what you think!

Shattered Glass, Pt. 9

So yeah. I feel like this story is falling apart and I've lost my mojo for it, but I don't want to abandon it. Part 10 will be the last chapter. If you're still reading it and you're still invested, thanks I guess? I hope it doesn't suck.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 8

I apologize for the huge delay on this one, but writer's block is a hell of a bitch. At this point though I have definitely decided I'm going to try to condense the story into ten parts, so we're coming up on the last stretch. Hopefully I can finish the last two parts without much of a delay this time, but we'll see.

Writer’s block

It's been a struggle the past week to write anything, and I feel bad that I haven't posted Shattered Glass part 8. It is in development (it's been in development for a couple weeks) but I just can't seem to progress on it. I am trying to work on it though, but right now there's... Continue Reading →

Book recs

A list of my favorite books! I'm working on Shattered Glass part 8 right now and I got distracted, so here's this. If anyone reads any of these, please come talk to me about it. Seriously. I need more book friends.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 7

Sorry for the amount of time it took to post this one, but finals week and no classes has rendered me lazy and useless. I think maybe I still might try to squeeze the story into 10 parts. I keep going back and forth on it.

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