The Sun Over the Sea; When a God Bows to a Mortal

I started writing this about a month or two ago. I've written a story about Icarus before, but I've always wanted to write something about Apollo and Icarus together. This is my own retelling of the myth.


How To Be Human

I posted the beginning of this a while ago, so here's the finished product now. This was my final creative project for my creative writing capstone this semester. I liked it in the beginning, but I'm not sure how I feel about where I went with it - I ran out of time to finish it properly so I rushed through the ending one night and didn't do much editing. But here it is! It's supposed to be an urban fantasy story with elements from the Hans Christian Andersen version of The Little Mermaid.


I haven't been doing any *actual* writing lately because I've been absorbed in writing a lot of fanfiction, but now I'm back in my regular writing groove (we'll see how long it lasts though). This was actually inspired by fanfiction/characters from a book. I'm pretty happy with it as is but I also think it definitely feels like it's part of something longer, so we'll see if I expand on it eventually. But for now it's just a random little thing.

Untitled Work in Progress

This is the beginning of a final project I'm working on for my creative writing class. It's unfinished and it's still in the heavy editing phase, but I wanted to post the first few paragraphs of it just for the sake of posting something 'cuz it's been like 2 months.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater

A vast change in tone from my last post. The title for this is taken from the Norwegian TV drama Skam, as the story is inspired by a dream I had about some characters from the show. The names and everything else are my own. This has been in my head for a while since I had the dream a couple weeks ago, and I felt like I needed to get it out. I put a trigger warning in the tags because it is a bit dark.

Encounters with Old Gods

This is an idea I came up with last night, kind of on the fly. I'm sure my inspiration came from something I saw or read once, but it's a short little piece about the Greek Olympian gods in a modern setting, what I think they would be doing if they were to be real people in a real city. I like how this one turned out and I'm kinda proud of it at the moment.

Didn’t You Know?

I started this like a month ago and I'm tired of trying to write it so I kind of just did whatever with the ending, but I liked the premise of it. If I didn't post it now it was never gonna get finished, so here it is.

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