Mercy (The Skin Stealer, revamped)

The final project for my Creative Writing class this semester was to edit one of the other stories we'd written over the course of the class, and I chose The Skin Stealer. I added more to it and gave it a new title, and this is the final version. I like how it turned out.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 9

So yeah. I feel like this story is falling apart and I've lost my mojo for it, but I don't want to abandon it. Part 10 will be the last chapter. If you're still reading it and you're still invested, thanks I guess? I hope it doesn't suck.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 8

I apologize for the huge delay on this one, but writer's block is a hell of a bitch. At this point though I have definitely decided I'm going to try to condense the story into ten parts, so we're coming up on the last stretch. Hopefully I can finish the last two parts without much of a delay this time, but we'll see.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 7

Sorry for the amount of time it took to post this one, but finals week and no classes has rendered me lazy and useless. I think maybe I still might try to squeeze the story into 10 parts. I keep going back and forth on it.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 5

Back to Caroline's POV. I've been doing pretty well with posting consistently so far, and I hope I can hold up to it and post a section every other day, if not every day. I'm also gonna try to start posting excerpts from the novel(s) I'm working on, so look out for those in between parts of this.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 4

Page's POV. I don't know the exact time frame for this story yet, meaning how much time will pass within the story. I also still have no clue where or when I think I might want to end it, so I'll just keep writing parts until I feel like there's enough.

Shattered Glass, Pt. 3

Told from Page's perspective, and the next part will be too before it switches back to Caroline's POV. Originally I said this story would have 10 parts, but I don't know now. It'll end when it needs to, how about that?

Shattered Glass, Pt. 2

Part 2. I'm not sure how many parts this story will have, but I'm thinking I want to try and cap it off at 10. We'll see where it goes (I'm making it up as I go along). My intention is to write it in different perspectives, so the next two parts will likely be written from Page's point of view before it switches back to Caroline.

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