Folk, The Prologue

This is the beginning of a much older project I started a few years ago, and reading back on it I was actually kind of laughing at myself because I can't take it seriously. I don't know if I have quite the touch for fantasy that I used to, or maybe it's just all been done before. But I only got about 20 pages into this one before I abandoned it, and it's been sitting in my docs untouched for years. I went back and edited a few things just for fun, and I figured I'd share this.


Across A Thousand Oceans Excerpt

It's been a month since I posted anything, so for the sake of consistency I'm posting another excerpt from a longer project I'm working on called Across A Thousand Oceans, about two princes from neighboring kingdoms. I am also working on another short story I hope to have finished and posted soon.

The Killers’ Club Prologue

The prologue to a novel I'm working on called The Killers' Club, a thriller about a young high school graduate and her group of friends who decide to murder their friend's rapist. I'm really excited about this one.

A Willow In The Woods: Prologue

First novel excerpt I've posted! This is the prologue to one of my longer projects, called A Willow In The Woods. It's got supernatural themes, banshees and Celtic mythology. Let me know what you think!

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