An Introduction

I decided to start a blog to post my short stories and excerpts from some of my longer projects. It’s a good way to get myself out there and publish things with the intent of getting feedback, which is probably necessary if I ever want to publish a full-length novel. Which I do. So badly. So I’m here. I don’t think I’ll be posting every week, but I will try to. I’ll post any short stories I actually finish and some little sneak peeks of longer things I am currently or have been working on. Most of what I write falls in the Young Adult Fiction genre, some of it with feminist and LGBTQIA+ themes, so if you like that stuff, stick around a while.

Obviously this is public now but please do not steal anything from me. I just want to put my stuff out there for feedback, and I’m working really hard towards a dream of being officially published by a professional agency so please do not make me sad by copying any of my work :((


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